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Guidance for Workshop Organizers

Workshops held on Tuesday and Wednesday are scheduled to begin at 12:30 pm, following lunch. Lunch is scheduled between 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, and will be served in Berkner Hall following the morning plenary sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Workshops should end no later than 6:30 pm on Tuesday to allow attendance at the Annual Banquet. Remember to incorporate time for afternoon coffee breaks and a group photo in the agenda.

• Decide focus of workshop
• Decide title of workshop
• Prepare abstract for workshop
• Enlist workshop speakers
• Inform speakers to register online early to ensure housing and travel arrangements
• Inform speakers to make travel arrangements early and to keep costs at a minimum

Feel free to use this template to invite your speakers:
Speaker Invitation Letter Template

  • Users’ Meeting Contacts

    Workshop Description:
    Workshop descriptions should be concise and brief, but contain enough information to evoke interest. Please send this information to the workshop coordinator as soon as it is available and the website will be updated accordingly.

    Workshop Budget: $7000.00
    This budget must cover all workshop expenses, including speaker travel and housing costs. Organizers, at their discretion, may secure additional external support for the workshop within the guidelines provided below. The number of speakers that you incorporate in your program is at your discretion. However, expenses (travel, housing, etc.) must be covered within the allocated budget.

    The following estimates are very general and should be regarded strictly as estimates:

    • International: $1500-2000
    • Western US: $500-700
    • Eastern US: $300-500

    - Local travel: $200-$300 (mileage reimbursement)
    - Lodging: $52/per night (on site dorm room) ~ $130 per night (local hotel)
    - Ground transportation: Car rental - $50 per day / Limo service $150-$200 round trip
    - Misc. Expenses: $50 (tolls, taxis, parking)     

PLEASE NOTE: Workshop funds cannot be used to reimburse organizers for meals they provide for speakers.

Registration Fees:
Registration fees are waived for up to six (6) speakers and two (2) organizers, or a total of eight (8) registration fees. Additional speakers and organizers can register as general attendee or the registration fee can be deducted from the workshop travel budget. Please send the following link to  all speakers and organizers whose registration fee will be waived: https://nsls2cfnusersmeeting.bnl.gov/registration/speaker.aspx?year=2020. Indicate which speakers and organizers whose registrations fees will be waived on your travel budget sheet; they should not r
egister in the general registration unless paying a registration fee.

Travel Information:
There are specific requirements for reimbursing airline travel. The basic requirement is that certified U.S. flag air carriers are used for all government-financed transportation. To ensure you are within these guidelines as well as the workshop budget, a travel coordinator will be assigned to your workshop to assist with travel plans for your speakers.

Housing: If planning to stay on site, speakers must register and receive approval for a BNL Guest ID Number.
Housing reimbursement is limited to up to two nights at the onsite BNL dorm room rate (2020 BNL rates are $52 per night).
Please note that the Guest House is reserved for Main Meeting Speakers only.

We have made arrangements with local hotels to accommodate our guests. Round trip shuttle service to BNL from participating hotels is available.

Speakers may be reimbursed for up to two nights at a hotel provided: (1) All workshop expenses for all speakers within a workshop can be covered within the allotted workshop budget and the reimbursement does not exceed the workshop budget; (2) the hotel rate is within the federal per diem guidelines; (3) the workshop organizer approves such additional reimbursement. Hotel taxes are not reimbursable.

Speaker Reimbursement:
Requests for reimbursement are made on the workshop reimbursement forms. This is to ensure that workshop budget allocations are accurate. Expense reimbursement forms and returned-addressed envelopes will be i\provided as needed. .

Items are due on or before the following dates. Please submit required information to the
Workshop Coordinators:

February 28 – Confirm proposed speakers
- Request talk titles
- Submit speaker names to Workshop and Travel Coordinators
- Solicit more speakers if needed

 February 28 – Return travel budget to Workshop Coordinators

March 13 – Submit talk titles to Workshop Coordinators

March 27
 – Submit draft agenda to Workshop Coordinators

Prepare a schedule for the workshop – All workshops are scheduled to begin at 12:30 pm, following lunch. Lunch is scheduled between 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. Workshops should end no later than 6:30 pm on Tuesday to allow attendance at the Annual Banquet. Remember to incorporate a time slot for coffee break and group photo in the agenda.

Each conference room features wireless internet access and computer projection capabilities. Laptops and additional information are available upon request to the Meeting and Workshop Coordinators.

Hands-on Workshops:
Participants of hands on workshops must register and receive approval in the BNL Guest Information System (GIS) and complete required training. The NSLS-ll and CFN User Administration Offices will track and monitor GIS registrations and training requirements to ensure participants are approved. Please inform Workshop Coordinator if you are planning a hands-on workshop.

Workshop Support, Sponsor Acknowledgements, and Exhibitors:
We encourage workshop organizers to acknowledge external support for their respective workshops by:
- Providing an acknowledgement to add to the bottom of your respective workshop web pages, which will also appear in the printed program.
- Acknowledging support in your opening remarks at your workshop.
- Acknowledging support in the summary of your workshop.

Workshop summaries will appear in an upcoming issue of Synchrotron Radiation News (SRN).

There is space for vendors at the workshop locations listed below. Registration fee is $500 for these locations. Vendors must be
registered to reserve the location. Click here for complete vendor information.
CFN, Bldg. 735: space for 2 vendors (6' tables)
Chemistry Bldg. 555: space for 4 vendors (6' tables)

*Contribution to the Users' Meeting is not required for external workshop sponsorship, for which there will not be any exhibits at the workshop. Any sponsors who plan to attend the workshop and/or meeting, however, must register for such events and pay the required registration fees.

- Prepare write-ups of each workshop for submission to the Workshop Chair for publication in the NSLS-II News, SRN, and the BNL website. Workshop write-ups are due no later than June 5, 2020.
- Collect all expense reports from each speaker.
- Review expense reports so that the budget limit has not been exceeded. If the total expenses exceed the budget limit, reduce individual expense reports to the point where total budget is within budget limit.
- Submit expense reports to the Meeting Coordinator