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2012 NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting

Workshop 6: Synchrotron Techniques in Microelectronics Research (Half-day Workshop)

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Organizer(s): Abdul K. Rumaiz (PS/BNL), Jean Jordan-Sweet (IBM), Peter Siddons (PS/BNL), Jun Wang (PS/BNL) and Joseph Woicik (NIST)

Location: NSLS, Bldg. 725, Seminar Rm.


The extremely bright and tunable light produced by synchrotrons is an excellent source for many analytical techniques, from IR spectroscopy to high-energy pair distribution function measurement. The microelectronics industry has benefited tremendously over the past few decades from developments in synchrotron-based materials analysis tools, and stands to gain even more from tools and techniques to be developed at new sources like the NSLS-II.  The impact ranges from understanding novel materials and switching mechanisms for next generation devices to troubleshooting and improving current chip fabrication processes.  This workshop will include presentations that address metrology needs for now and in the future, as well as high-impact techniques and results that have helped to solve key problems in various semiconductor technologies.  We will wrap up with a discussion of the capabilities our community needs at NSLS-II and how best to ensure that they get built.


StartsEndsList of Speakers
9:00 AM9:40 AM Alain Diebold, CNSE, SUNY Albany
Metrology for Advanced Gate Dielectric Materials
9:45 AM10:15 AM Jimmy Price, SEMATECH Austin
Synchrotron Characterization of Advanced Non-planar, Non-Si Logic Device Film
10:20 AM10:50 AM Joseph Woicik, NIST
Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy at NIST NSLS Beamlines: Recent Upgrades, Scientific Results, And Future Plans
10:55 AM11:15 AM Coffee Break, -
11:15 AM11:45 AM Pat Lysaght, SEMATECH Albany
Sematech-NIST Collaboration at NSLS - Shining a Light on Obscure Causal Performance Mechanisms
11:50 AM12:20 PM Stefan Mannsfeld, SSRL/SLAC
Revealing the Molecular Packing in Small Organic Semiconductor Films with Synchrotron X-ray Scattering
12:25 PM1:00 PM Christian Lavoie, IBM Research
Scaling Contacts in Microlelectronics: Is There a Link Between Microstructure and Electrical Properties?
1:00 PM2:00 PM Lunch *, -
Working Lunch